2017-2018 Proposed Budget

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8th Promotion and Honor's Assembly

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Please join us on Wednesday, May 24th at 6 pm for the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony and also the School Wide End-Of-Year Assembly which is Thursday, the 25th at 9 am.

Early Childhood Round-Up!

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Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Address: 14200 Kirkland Hillside Road, Kirkland School
Where: Multi-purpose Room
TIME: 8:00-10:30
Why have Early Childhood Round-up?
This event is for preschoolers (age 3 by Sept. 1st) and kindergarteners (age 5 by Sept. 1st). Preschool students will be screened if a parent expresses concern for an area of development listed below. All new kindergarteners will be screened. This information will help the school staff determine class sizes and readiness levels for the coming year.
What is Child Find?
Child Find helps the school locate students between the ages of 0-22 years who may demonstrate concerns in one or more of the areas to be screened (listed below). This includes preschool children ages 2 ½ years through 4 years old whose parents request that their child be screened.
Areas to be screened:
 Cognitive Ability
 Adaptive Skills
 Physical Development
 Communication Skills
 Social – Emotional Development
 Vision/Hearing Screening (Wellness Center)
Although we will screen any child that visits us during this timeframe, we would like to encourage you to call (prior to May 3) and reserve a time. This will help us avoid overlaps and hopefully prevent you from having to wait. Questions or to reserve a specific time: 928-442-3258 (Katie)

Salome Track Meet Video 2017

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Salome Track Meet Video- Thank you, Mr. Zierke:


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Soccer Games Cancelled- Feb. 28th

posted Feb 28, 2017, 11:17 AM by Michelle Perey

Due to inclement weather there will be no soccer games today.

Wednesday--Another Delay

posted Jan 25, 2017, 4:59 AM by Michelle Perey

Due to icy road conditions Kirkland School will again, be on a two hour delay!!

Two Hour Delay

posted Jan 24, 2017, 4:42 AM by Michelle Perey

Due to icy road conditions Kirkland School is on a two hour delay, today, Tuesday, January 24th. School will begin at 9:50 am.

National School Choice Week

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National School Choice Week

January 22-28, 2017


“Shining a spotlight on effective education options for every child.”

Kirkland School is very proud of its students and staff!!! As one of the thousands of schools participating in this event we are asking our families to create a short video, or email, note, phone call, or in person contact with a staff member that answers this prompt:

I/We choose Kirkland School because……….

Please submit these communications to KES by Monday, January 23rd (send videos to or text them to 623-262-3515). Students who participate will receive a School Choice gift as well as being published in this local and national event. 

Tax Credit Donation

posted Dec 1, 2016, 8:11 AM by Michelle Perey

Reduce Your State Tax Bill and Help Kirkland Elementary School

Arizona law allows individual taxpayers a tax credit of up to $400.00 as a donation to the public school of your choice for support of extra-curricular activities. Donating taxpayers will receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their state taxes. You can pay all of your taxes to the state, and let them decide what to do with it, or donate your dollars to your local school.

Do It Today!

I am donating $                                   for taxable year _________.

To directly benefit students in Kirkland Elementary School

Name of Taxpayer

Social Security # (optional)


City, State, Zip


Donations must be made by April 15th . Please make check payable to Kirkland Elementary School #23 and return it with this form to:

Kirkland Elementary School #23

P.O. Box 210

Kirkland, AZ 86332

The school district does not issue tax refunds. Consult your personal tax advisor to determine how the tax credit will affect your tax return. (The tax credit document is attached)

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